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“I was very impressed with the professionalism and work quality expressed by  Grizzly Lawn Care. The lawn aeration service on my lawn was completed in a very timely and efficient manner. I was very pleased.” —Vern Bushlack

“My lawn was in very poor shape. After just one treatment from Grizzly Lawn Care, I could see a big improvement. I even got a follow up contact asking about the lawn.”

—Kathryn Moe

Quality work on every job

"Grizzly Lawn Care is transforming my lawn! Three words well describe Grizzly Lawn Care: respect, competence, and professionalism. You have the knowledge and equipment to do the right applications. Both the homeowner and their yard are treated with respect, and I appreciate your blowing residue off my driveway! Thanks for making my lawn care so easy!” —Ken McCasland

Going the extra mile

"Because of the shade, it is difficult to have a nice lawn, but they did a fantastic job of getting my grass to grow. It's the best it's ever looked!"

—Paul Groteboer

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