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Managing lawns expertly and professionally

Our expert staff will manage your lawn to your specifications. We keep a watchful eye on the health and beauty of your lawn.

• Grounds keeping

• Lawn care



• Debris removal

• Lawn mowing

• Aeration

• Weed control


Some of the services we provide

We are expertly trained in the latest lawn care methods. We know how to the best care for your land so that it is always vibrant and flourishing. We understand that you want the best for your lawn and we are dedicated to offering you services that are of the highest caliber.

Mowing your lawn the right way

We offer FREE estimates on all services.

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"If you are looking to add curb appeal either by a new comprehensive landscaping design, or just simply looking for a high quality, reliable, and efficient lawn care service, look no further than Grizzly Lawn Care of Missoula, MT."

- Kyle G.

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